12th Pan Book of Horror by HERBERT VAN THAL PDF


1st Pan 1971 version paperback vg . In inventory shipped from our united kingdom warehouse

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When the creature began to walk on two legs -' Bell was watching him closely. 'If some change occurred - if it was, in some way, no longer the same creature that had run on all fours -' 'It's possible,' Bell whispered. He hadn't meant to whisper. 'I know,' Wetherby said. But there were the tracks, commencing where the scent had ceased - where the dogs had lost the trail of the creature that had killed at the cottage, and where that creature had begun to walk like a man… Wetherby could find no further tracks in that general direction, and once more he attempted to pick up the trail by following a circle with the cottage as the centre.

The lips were drawn back in snarls. And hanging from the ceiling, supported by a hook through the scalp, swung a face that Wetherby knew, a man that Wetherby had liked. Aaron Rose's head turned through a slow revolution, until the countenance was full to Wetherby, the face twisted in unspeakable horror and gore dripping from the severed neck. A white glint of bone parted the flesh at the throat. Byron made a sweeping gesture of presentation. 'My trophies,' he said. Then he was not smiling. He was crouched beside the cage, his hand on the lock.

Wetherby ignored it. ' Byron was balanced, his knees bent. He was enjoying it immensely. ' Wetherby said. 'That isn't what I mean. You know I am immune to fear. In that respect, perhaps I am mad. A pleasant madness. But I've longed for you to come, John. You were perhaps the only man alive who had a chance with me. A slight chance. I was so disappointed when I saw how you had changed. How easy you would be. Are you going to try to kill me, John? Or will you try to inform the police? ' 'I don't know,' Wetherby said.

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12th Pan Book of Horror by HERBERT VAN THAL

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