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ImageX captures a volume image to a WIM file. WIM files are not tied to a particular hardware configuration, and you can modify them after capture to add new drivers, patches, or applications. Use one of the following tools to deploy the image: • ImageX • WDS • MDT Note: You typically use the deployment tools in the preceding list in enterprise environments. Discussion of these tools is outside the scope of this course. Wh hat Is Wind dows To Go? G Win ndows To Go iss a Windows 8 feature that enables users to boot b Windows from a USBconnected external drive.

Reboot Restarts the computer. Use this option to audit the computer and to verify that the first-run experience operates correctly. /shutdown Shuts down the computer after the Sysprep command finishes running. /quiet Runs the Sysprep tool without displaying on-screen confirmation messages. Use this option if you automate the Sysprep tool. /quit Closes the Sysprep tool after running the specified commands. /unattend:answerfile Applies settings in an answer file to Windows during unattended installation.

The grap phical tools thaat collect config guration inform mation during the setup phaase are running g within Windo ows PE. • Troubleshootting. Windows PE also is usefful for automaatic and manuaal troubleshoo oting. For exam mple, if Windows 8 fails to start because b of a co orrupted syste m file, Window ws PE can auto omatically starrt and launch the Windows W Recovvery Environme ent. • Recovery. Original Equipme ent Manufactu urers (OEMs) a nd Independeent Software V Vendors (ISVs) ccan use Windowss PE to build cu ustomized, auttomated solut ions for recoveering and rebu uilding compu uters that are running Windows 8.

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