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By Hiram Paley

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O 9_ _ k! ( k d j - k ) ! = since the partition of positive roots by height is conjugate to the partition formed by the exponents m l , . . ,ran (mj - d j - 1 ) . See [47, 48]. 16) was conjectured by Dyson [18] and proved by Gunson [26], Wilson [75], and Good [25]. 6. 1) 7r- II aE R~ (a") E C[a]. )0~, e C[a] | UO. 3) E DN NCZ,N~_No for some No E Z and DN C C~[a] | U0 with [E, DN] = NDN. If DNo r 0 then we say that D has lowest homogeneous degree equal to L H D ( D ) : - No and LHP(D): = DNo is called the lowest homogeneous part of D.

N o t e s for C h a p t e r 1 The results of this chapter were obtained in a series of four papers [34, 30, 58, 59] by transcendental and computer algebra methods. The computer algebra part was removed in [31]. 12 as given here was derived in [33]. 12 was found by Koornwinder for R of type A2 and BC2 [42], and for R of type An in [68, 12, 49]. CHAPTER 2 The periodic Calogero-Moser system 2,1. 3) respectively. 5) log: H ~ [3 for the multivalued inverse. 7) log: A ~ a is a singlevalued inverse. Viewing H as an affine algebraic variety the algebra C[P] is just the ring of regular functions on H, or equivalently the ring of holomorphic functions on H with moderate growth at infinity.

OG. 8). 2. 1) that each of the four functions on the right hand side has no poles for/k C P+. Proof. Obvious. 3. 5) IP(A, k)l~ - IWl c*(-(~+p(k)), k) ~(~+p(k), k) Proof. 4) and use that ~(A+p(k), 0) - 1, c*(-()~+p(k)), O) = 1 together with [P(A+p(k), 0)12 -IM()~+p(k))l 2 - I W l . D 44 G. 4. 6) IP(A,k)l~ c*(-(A+p(k)),k)~(p(k),k) IP(O,k)l~ ~(~+p(k), k)c*(-p(k), k) " Proof. 5). 6) remains valid for real ks > 0. 5. 7) IP(,~, k)l ~ - IWI. c*(-(~+p(k)), k) ~(~+p(k), k) Proof. 4 it suffices to show the theorem for ~ - 0.

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