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2 shows the full case marking schema for Diyari and Thirari. The inflectional systems given here form a hierarchy of inherent lexical content which coincides with that described by Silverstein (1976) (see also Moravcsik 1978, Comrie 1978, and Dixon 1979). Noun phrases are ranked on the hierarchy according to their degree of animacy and likelihood of functioning as subjects (left) or objects (right). 1) with respect to singular common nouns and are further to the left on hierarchy. 2) and so female personal names occur to the left of male personal names, that is, they occur in the central ‘doubly marked’ part of the hierarchy.

7). 2). 6). 2). 4 Predicate determiners. 1). 2). 5 Particles and co-ordinators. These two closed word classes may be defined negatively as those items which take none of the derivational or inflectional morphology described above. 7. 11. 6 Interjections. These are a class of words which can comprise a whole utterance by themselves. They are never inflected and are not syntactically integrated with other linguistic material. 46 Chapter 3 Morphology Two interjections are phonotactically unusual in that they begin with a vowel (cf.

3) the initial velar nasal of -nganka- ‘caus’ may be deleted to give a long vowel, if the root ends in a, or a vowel sequence, as in: 42 Chapter 2 Phonology ‘makes sleep’ mukangankayi becoming [mukʌ:nkɛi] ‘makes dead’ ‘makes blind’ nharingankayi putyungankayi becoming becoming [ṉʌɾiʌnkɛi] [puʧuʌnkɛi] Secondly, the intervocalic y of the interrogative nominals based on wardayarri ‘where’ can be deleted in fast speech giving phonetic [wɒɖʌ:ɾi], as in ‘where from’ wardayarrindru becoming [wɒɖʌ:ɾindru].

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