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Teiwa is a non-Austronesian ('Papuan') language spoken at the island of Pantar, in jap Indonesia, positioned simply north of Timor island. It has approx. 4,000 audio system and is very endangered. whereas the non-Austronesian languages of the Alor-Pantar archipelago are in actual fact regarding one another, as indicated by means of the numerous obvious cognates and the very comparable pronominal paradigms came across around the crew, their genetic dating to different Papuan languages is still debatable. situated a few 1,000 km from their putative Papuan acquaintances at the New Guinea mainland, the Alor-Pantar languages are the main far-off westerly Papuan outliers. A grammar of Teiwa offers a grammatical description of 1 of those 'outlier' languages. The e-book is established as a reference grammar: after a basic advent at the language, it audio system and the linguistic scenario on Alor and Pantar, the grammar builds up from an outline of the language's phonology and note periods to its better grammatical elements and their mutual family: nominal words, serial verb structures, clauses, clause combos, and knowledge constitution. whereas many Papuan languages are morphologically complicated, Teiwa is nearly analytic: it has just one paradigm of item marking prefixes, and one verbal suffix marking realis prestige. different typologically attention-grabbing positive factors of the language contain: (i) the presence of uvular fricatives and prevents, that is strange for languages of jap Indonesia; (ii) the absence of trivalent verbs: transitive verbs pick out a unmarried (animate or inanimate) item, whereas the extra player is expressed with a separate predicate; and (iii) the absence of morpho-syntactically encoded embedded clauses. A grammar of Teiwa is predicated on fundamental box info, accumulated via the writer in 2003-2007. a range of glossed and translated Teiwa texts of assorted style

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Many moko were collected and destroyed by the Dutch administration in the 1920’s and 1930’s (Nieuwenkamp 1922) (compare Bernet Kempers 1988). The bride’s family pays the groom’s family with in qas taraxa’ (lit. e. ‘torn things to bury’), which consists of traditional woven cloth, women’s clothes such as kebaya ‘women’s shirt’, and jewelry. Silk cloth called patola may also be part of the bride’s dowry. This silk originates from Gujarat in West India, and a lot of it was imported from India to Eastern Indonesia by European merchants in the 18th century.

Notes on the history of Alor and Pantar 13 located one km. from the main village. Holton estimates the number of fluent speakers of Nedebang at about 200 (in 2004). The logonym Nedebang refers to the name of an ancestral village and is widely recognized by speakers, though some prefer the logonym Klamu, the name of the clan. The Klamu people moved from Nedebang to the coast “some time before Indonesian independence”, probably in the 1930’s. The ‘status aparte’ of the Nedebang according to Teiwa speakers may also have to do with the fact that relations between the Nedebang and the Teiwa were extremely hostile in the past, until about 150-200 years ago.

A grammar sketch of Alorese is Klamer (forthcoming b). Stokhof (1975:9) and Steinhauer (1993:645) suggest that Alorese is a dialect of Lamaholot, a language spoken on the eastern tip of Flores and on western Solor, and also referred to as Lamalera (Keraf 1978) or Solor (Arndt 1937, Bouman 1943). al. (1997:57), however, state that Alorese has often been thought to be a dialect of Lamaholot because in the past, speakers of Alorese used to be bilingual in Lamaholot, the trade language used in the east Flores-Solor region.

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