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V. % QY Sing. AC. m ,or 'mq Plur. I. w~: Plur. L. @ or QPV: *, m ~ : f ~

1 DECLENSION OP NOC'h'S. Masc. Fern. Neut. AC. ~mq, Crwq ~ b . amq m: N. V. AC. 'i~;r-7 w=3 w=& -, I. D,AL. AC. B T S T T T ~ ~ ~ arcTrq ar=* -- L. $ 132. L)ecliue: i ad% ~m m. T;T96. WT$f$ OLscrve $ 58. § 133. baee: ~~, LOmother ' ! ; a wife,' like wf$' wotller', in Fern. for~usits Voc, Sing. #$d 44 TI-f3: SANSKRIT CRAMMAII. $ 134. Several adjectives in ( $S 195-200 ). [ $ 134- fvllow tile pronolxil~al declension § 135. The Feminine 1)asoof adjectives ondiag in q,and of substantives in q which a t l n ~ i tof R feminine, is most colnmonly formed by tilo addition of t l ~ fern.

Some nouns have tlireeb~lses,a strong base, a m i d d l e base, aud a w e a k e s t base. Here usually the middle base is given in t l ~ a dictionary. If we strengthen it,, e. g, by lengthening ite penultimate vowel, or Ly tlie insertion of a nasal, we obtain the strong base ; if we weaken it, c. g, tytlie elision of tlie penultimate vowel, or by contracting two of its letters into one, we ol~tsinthe weakest base ; e. 9. Middle base ;Fif9~ P T , 3q9 437 &c. Strong base Weakest base U ~ ~ T VI;T Y F 1 ; T VTW, &c.

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