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A consultant to Topology is an creation to easy topology. It covers point-set topology in addition to Moore-Smith convergence and serve as areas. It treats continuity, compactness, the separation axioms, connectedness, completeness, the relative topology, the quotient topology, the product topology, and all of the different basic principles of the topic. The ebook is stuffed with examples and illustrations.

Graduate scholars learning for the qualifying checks will locate this booklet to be a concise, targeted and informative source. expert mathematicians who desire a fast overview of the topic, or want a position to appear up a key truth, will locate this e-book to be an invaluable examine too.

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Conversely, if a; b; c; : : : is a sequence of 0s and 1s, then we may locate a unique corresponding element y of the Cantor set. If the first digit is a zero then y is in the left half of S1 I otherwise y is in the right half of S1 . Likewise the second digit locates y within S2 , and so forth. Thus we have a one-to-one correspondence between the Cantor set and the collection of all infinite sequences of zeroes and ones. 11. ) However, the set of all infinite sequences of zeroes and ones is uncountable.

5. Let X be the real numbers with the usual topology. Let K D Œ0; 1. Then K is compact. 4 in the argument that we are about to present. Fix an open cover W D fW˛ g of K D Œ0; 1. 2). Also S is bounded above—by 1! Let s0 be the supremum2 of S . Of course s0 2 Œ0; 1. Seeking a contradiction, we suppose that s0 < 1. Let W˛0 be a member of the open covering that contains s0 . 7. Since s0 is the supremum of S , there are elements of S (to the left of s0 ) that are arbitrarily close to s0 . Choose one such that lies inside W˛0 .

F˛m is a finite collection of elements of F , then \jmD1 F˛j is nonempty. 8. X; U/ is compact if and only if any family F D fF˛ g˛2A of closed sets in X with the finite intersection property actually satisfies \˛2A F˛ ¤ ;. 6. Homeomorphisms 21 Proof: First suppose that X is compact. Let F D fF˛ g˛2A be a family of closed sets in X and suppose that \˛2A F˛ D ;. Now look at fX n F˛ g. This must (by De Morgan’s law) then be an open cover of X. Since X is compact, there is a finite subcover X n F˛1 , X n F˛2 , .

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