A Haunted House and Other Short Stories by Virginia Woolf PDF

By Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf’s purpose to submit her brief tales is conducted during this quantity, posthumously accrued through her husband, Leonard Woolf. Containing six of 8 tales from Monday or Tuesday, seven that seemed in magazines, and 5 different tales, the publication makes on hand Virginia Woolf’s shorter works of fiction. Foreword by means of Leonard Woolf.

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The pulse stopped short. Oh, was that the buried treasure? A moment later the light had faded. Out in the garden then? But the trees spun darkness for a wandering beam of sun. So fine, so rare, coolly sunk beneath the surface the beam I sought always burnt behind the glass. Death was the glass; death was between us; coming to the woman first, hundreds of years ago, leaving the house, sealing all the windows; the rooms were darkened. He left it, left her, went North, went East, saw the stars turned in the Southern sky; sought the house, found it dropped beneath the Downs.

The draper’s window looped with violet—that’ll do; a little cheap perhaps, a little commonplace—since one has a choice of crimes, but then so many (let me peep across again—still sleeping, or pretending sleep! white, worn, the mouth closed—a touch of obstinacy, more than one would think—no hint of sex)—so many crimes aren’t your crime; your crime was cheap; only the retribution solemn; for now the church door opens, the hard wooden pew receives her; on the brown tiles she kneels; every day, winter, summer, dusk, dawn (here she’s at it) prays.

Oh, perfect—the sun gold on its slopes. Down that falls. Ferns then, or white feathers, for ever and ever—— Desiring truth, awaiting it, laboriously distilling a few words, for ever desiring—(a cry starts to the left, another to the right. Wheels strike divergently. Omnibuses conglomerate in conflict)—for ever desiring—(the clock asseverates with twelve distinct strokes that it is midday; light sheds gold scales; children swarm)—for ever desiring truth. Red is the dome; coins hang on the trees; smoke trails from the chimneys; bark, shout, cry “Iron for sale”—and truth?

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A Haunted House and Other Short Stories by Virginia Woolf

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