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By David Bao, Robert L. Bryant, Shiing-Shen Chern, Zhongmin Shen

ISBN-10: 0521831814

ISBN-13: 9780521831819

Finsler geometry generalizes Riemannian geometry in just an identical means that Banach areas generalize Hilbert areas. This e-book provides expository money owed of six vital themes in Finsler geometry at a degree appropriate for a different issues graduate direction in differential geometry. The members give some thought to concerns concerning quantity, geodesics, curvature and mathematical biology, and contain a number of instructive examples.

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Let X be an n-dimensional vector space and let a 1 , . . , an be a basis of Λn−1 X. Show that there exists a simplex in X whose Gaussian image is the set {a1 , . . , an , −(a1 + · · · + an )}. 5. Assume that φ is a norm, and let P ⊂ X be an (n−1)dimensional closed polyhedron with Gaussian image {a 0 , a1 , . . , am }. Since the sum of the ai ’s is zero, we may use the triangle inequality to write φ(a0 ) = φ(a1 + · · · + am ) ≤ φ(a1 ) + · · · + φ(am ). In other words, the area of the facet corresponding to a 0 is less than or equal to the sum of the areas of the remaining facets.

Find the sharp lower bound for µm∗ X (I X ). It is interesting to note that the Blaschke–Santal´ o inequality implies that µbX (BX ) ≥ µbX (I bX ) ht ht and µht X (BX ) ≤ µX (I X ), with equality in both cases if and only if B is an ellipse. Of course this implies that for both the Busemann and Holmes–Thompson definitions B X = I X if and only if X is Euclidean. Notice that whether a unit disc is equal to its isoperimetrix depends on the volume definition we are using. However, whether the unit disc is a dilate of its isoperimetrix does not depend on such a choice.

However, given a volume definition the body I will be defined intrinsically in terms of the norm. The construction of I is extremely simple: Let B be the unit ball of X and let Ω be the volume form on X that satisfies Ω(x ∧ y) = λ(x ∧ y) for all positive bases x, y of X (we are forced to take an orientation of X at this point, but the result will not depend on the choice). If iΩ : X −→ X ∗ is defined by iΩ (v)(w) := Ω(v ∧ w), the set I is given by (iΩ B)∗ . 4. Let X be a two-dimensional normed space with unit ball B and volume form Ω.

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A sampler of Riemann-Finsler geometry by David Bao, Robert L. Bryant, Shiing-Shen Chern, Zhongmin Shen

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