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By Volker Runde (auth.), S Axler, K.A. Ribet (eds.)

ISBN-10: 038725790X

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If arithmetic is a language, then taking a topology direction on the undergraduate point is cramming vocabulary and memorizing abnormal verbs: an important, yet no longer regularly fascinating workout one has to move via earlier than you will learn nice works of literature within the unique language.

The current publication grew out of notes for an introductory topology direction on the college of Alberta. It presents a concise creation to set-theoretic topology (and to a tiny bit of algebraic topology). it really is obtainable to undergraduates from the second one yr on, yet even starting graduate scholars can reap the benefits of a few parts.

Great care has been dedicated to the choice of examples that aren't self-serving, yet already available for college kids who've a heritage in calculus and straightforward algebra, yet now not inevitably in genuine or complicated analysis.

In a few issues, the ebook treats its fabric in a different way than different texts at the subject:

* Baire's theorem is derived from Bourbaki's Mittag-Leffler theorem;

* Nets are used widely, specifically for an intuitive evidence of Tychonoff's theorem;

* a quick and chic, yet little identified facts for the Stone-Weierstrass theorem is given.

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Let (X, d) be a metric space. For each S ⊂ X, the interior of S is defined as ◦ S := {U : U ⊂ X is open and contained in S}. 23. Let (X, d) be a metric space, and let S ⊂ X. Then we have: ◦ S = {x ∈ X : S ∈ Nx } = S \ ∂S. ◦ Proof. Let x ∈S . Then there is an open subset U of S with x ∈ U , so that S ∈ Nx . Conversely, if S ∈ Nx , then there is an open set U of X with ◦ x ∈ U ⊂ S, so that x ∈S . ◦ Let x ∈S , so that S ∈ Nx by the foregoing. Since, trivially, S ∩(X \S) = ∅, we see that x ∈ / ∂S. Conversely, let x ∈ S \ ∂S.

Conversely, suppose that N ∈ Nx . Then there is an open subset U of N with x ∈ U . By the definition of openness, there is > 0 such that B (x) ⊂ U ⊂ N . This proves (i). 5(iii). 30 2 Metric Spaces Let U ⊂ X be open. Then, clearly, U is a neighborhood of each of its points. Conversely, let U ⊂ X be any set with that property. By the definition of a neighborhood, there is, for each y ∈ U , an open subset Uy of U with y ∈ Uy . 5(ii) yields that U is open. As in Euclidean space, we define a set to be closed if its complement is open.

Proof. (i) is a triviality. For (ii), let x ∈ X \ ∂S; that is, there is N ∈ Nx such that N ∩ S = ∅ or N ∩ (X \ S) = ∅. Let U ⊂ N be open such that x ∈ U . It follows that U ∩ S = ∅ or U ∩ (X \ S) = ∅. Since U is a neighborhood of each of its points, it follows that U ⊂ X \ ∂S. Hence, X \ ∂S is a neighborhood of x. Since x was arbitrary, it follows that X \ ∂S is open. 13, ∂S ⊂ S holds, so that S ∪ ∂S ⊂ S. Conversely, let x ∈ S, and suppose that x ∈ / S. 13 yields that N ∩ S = ∅ as well. The closure of a given set is, by definition, the smallest closed set containing it.

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