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By William Paley

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This two-volume ebook by way of the thinker and theologian William Paley, released in 1794, used to be thought of so very important that it was once required analyzing for Cambridge scholars (including Charles Darwin) good into the 19th century. This vintage paintings of apologetics is split into 3 elements within which Paley discusses the old proof for Christianity and the miracles of Jesus Christ. He starts off quantity 1 with the proposition that the unique witnesses to Christ's miracles may be believed, simply because they spent their complete lives in consistent chance for what they witnessed. Paley takes on Hume's argument that no miracle may be proved whatever the volume of proof with the remark that if one believes in God, then miracles might be anticipated. Paley's highbrow defence of Christianity used to be essentially the most renowned of the day, and his paintings is taken into account a right away forerunner of the modern thought of clever layout.

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His celebrated letter to Trajan was written about seventy years, after Christ's death; and the information to be drawn from it, so far as it is connected with our argument, relates principally to two points : first, to the number of Christians in Bithynia and Pontus, which was so considerable as to induce the governor of these provinces to speak of them in the following terms: " Multi, omnis aetatis, utriusque sex&s etiam ;—neque enim civitates tantilm, sed vicos etiam et agros, superstitionis istius contagio pervagata est/ " There are many of every age and of both sexes;—nor has the contagion of this siv* EVIDENCES OF CHRISTIANITY.

To put an end, therefore, to this report, he laid the guilt, and inflicted the most cruel punish- EVIDENCES OF CHRISTIANITY. 41 ments, upon a set of people who were holden in abhorrence for their crimes, and called by the vulgar, Christians. —This pernicious superstition, thus checked for a while, broke out again; and spread not only over Judea, where the evil originated, but through Rome also, whither every thing bad upon the earth finds its way, and is practised. Some who confessed their sect, were first seized, and afterwards, by their information, a vast multitude were apprehended, who were convicted, not so much of the crime of burning Rome, as of hatred to mankind.

It must prevail, if it prevailed at all, by the overthrow of every statue, altar, and temple, in the world. It will not easily be credited, that a design, so bold as this was, could in any age he attempted to be carried into execution with impunity. For it ought to be considered, that this was not setting forth, or magnifying the character and worship of some new competitor for a place in the Pantheon, whose pretensions might be discussed or asserted without questioning the reality of any others; it was pronouncing all other gods to be false, and all other worship vain.

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