Download e-book for iPad: Advanced Operating Systems and Kernel Applications: by Yair Wiseman, Song Jiang

By Yair Wiseman, Song Jiang

ISBN-10: 1605668516

ISBN-13: 9781605668512

Publish 12 months note: First released September 30 2009

As any program operating on a working laptop or computer uses the working method, the capability effect of bettering parts comparable to reminiscence administration, procedure scheduling, dossier platforms, and gadget drivers is super. Advanced working structures and Kernel functions: recommendations and Technologies discusses non-distributed working platforms that gain researchers, academicians, and practitioners aspiring to delve into this topic sector and study extra in this vital box of research.

This leading edge e-book comprises an summary of topical concerns, equipment, and developments within the box of one-processor working platforms.

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Object Tracking The object tracker facilitates the recovery of kernel objects following a driver failure. The Nooks object tracker performs two independent tasks. First, it records the addresses of all objects in use by a driver in a database. As an optimization, objects used only for the duration of a single XPC call are recorded on the kernel stack. Objects with long lifetimes are recorded in a per-protection-domain hash table. Second, for objects that drivers may modify, the object tracker creates and manages a driver version of the object and records an association between the kernel and driver versions.

4. Stack pages are allocated on demand. If a kernel process needs minimal stack only one page is allocated. Only kernel processes that need larger stacks will have more pages allocated. The stack pages allocated per kernel process need not be contiguous but rather non-contiguous physical pages are mapped contiguously by the MMU. Stack overflows can be caught and damage to other kernel process stacks prevented. Larger kernel stacks can be efficiently provided. This facilitates porting of code that has not been designed for minimal stack usage into the Linux kernel.

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