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1. Basic Information from Aerodynamics 53 Fig. 1 Dependence of the aerodynamic moment 111 z on the angle of attack Ci. of a craft and the deflection of the elevators 6e: 1, 2, 3, 4-points of intersection of the moment curve with the (X-axis that determine the balance angles of attack; 5-region of a linear change in tile pitching moment with the angle of atlack and the elevator angle In the Jirst case, free rotation of the craft continues unLil it occupies the equilibrium position at point 1. and in the second case-at po in t 3.

The components of the aerodynamic forces and moments depending on friction are not always the same as those depending on the pressure as regards their order of magnitude. Investigations show that the influence of friction is more appreciable for flow over long and thin bodies. In practice, it is good to take this influence into account mainly when determining the drag or longitudinal force. When a surface in a flow has a plane area at its tail part (a bottom cut of the fuselage or a blunt trailing edge of a wing), the pressure drag is usually divided into two more components, namely, the pressure drag on a side surface (the nose drag), and the drag due to the pressure on the base cut or section (the base drag).

2) M = Mx My M z = Mx My Mz + + a+ a+ a + + + + We shall consider a moment about an axis to be positive if it tends to turn the craft counterclockwise (when watching the motion from the tip of the moment vector). In accordance with the adopted arrangement of the coordinate axes, a positive moment in Fig. 1 increases the angle of attack, and a negative moment reduces it. The magnitude and direction of the forces and moments at a given airspeed and altitude depend on the orientation of the body relative to the velocity vector V (or if inverted flow is being considered, relative to the direction of the free-stream velocity V(0).

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