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The aft nacelle section provides clearance for the Bf 110G-4'5 rearward-retracting main landing gear tire. The structural supports inside the nacelle have lightening holes, which reduces the overall structural weight without weakening its basic strength. 43 The Bf HOG's slotted flaps are single units along the wings' trailing edges, extending from the fuselage to the aileron. The flaps are hydraulically operated and lower to a maximum angle of 55" for landing. A compressed air system is available for emergency flap operation.

Cover panels are quickly detachable, which assists in the swift removal of the fuel tanks. The port reserve fuel tank has been detached from the Bf 110G·4's Wing. 5 L) self-sealing tank is wrapped inside a protective rubberized cover. Fuel leaking out of a damaged tank contacts the rubber, which soon swells to block the hole and stop the leak. The reserve fuel tank is filled through the large circular aperture, positioned on the for· ward inside edge. The Bf 110G·4's pair of 69 gallon tanks and two 99 gallon (375 L) main tanks gave the aircraft a maximum internal fuel capacity of 336 gallons (1271 L).

The port flap has been reinstalled on the aircraft and includes the nacelle fairing placed right of the yellow primer. This fairing neatly fitted the flap's undersurface to the rear of the main engine nacelle when the flap was up. The upper flap surface was smooth with no interference with the engine nacelle. • • ". • Twin antennas located under the port wing's outer section are part of the Bf 110G-4's FuG (Funk Geratej Radio Equipment) 101a radio altimeter equipment. The outboard antenna is the transmitter while the inboard antenna is the receiver.

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