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By B.Syamala Kumari

Mainly on Tolkåappiyam, old Tamil grammar, via Tolkåappiyar.

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3 Note that snnoofl STR the first person pronoun changes into when the genitive case suffix — « o _ <^ is added. 1 it may be noted that word order is not rigid as seen below. 1 go®" majcowgo f&ocroosro°. riiJ (j/giT roomooQj. H e is R a m Rao, the Kannada teacher . However, please note that in a sentence the word that is immediately preceding (m6™" wi gets the extra emphasis. 5 Whenever the name is stated it is obligatory to add the quotative particle OL^CTO" ^ (It is the verbal participle of verb "3)ri* ^ 'to say') iBoooajoinji §g My name is Madhavan Pillai.

9 The term of address ro§rora>Te)ofto My native place is Trivandruin. Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala. Mohan, which is your native place? 22 23 cro_i(83w>o roosoaiQoooosrn)0. W e belong to Rajas- than. i n^oSo snaorunajo rarortngj. But- that is not cue/lay my birth place. My birth place is Bhopal. Bhopal is also a big city.

What is your name? 2 f3t5,6no° ^fm^ is the copula verb connecting two nouns or noun phrases or pronouns and nouns to form an equational type of sentence. (3ra>6rra°, annf* form is the present tense. The relevant verb stem is rarajcflj" STR> 'to be'. In literary and formal stylesrera>6na°%ju? has another form as dh %sv§^ . In some varieties of spoke language oK&srro" snV is reduced to mere (3T3> STT . 3 Note that snnoofl STR the first person pronoun changes into when the genitive case suffix — « o _ <^ is added.

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